The Palmer Group

Top: Donald Belcher, Quintin O'Boyle, Emily McDonel, Shaun Gu, Chintan Savla, Evan Martindale

Bottom: Ivan Pires, Richard Hickey, Dr. Crystal Bolden-Rush, Dr. Andre Palmer, Savannah Moses, Christopher Gilbert, Clayton Cudington (2019). 


About the lab

The Palmer lab is interested in the application of chemical and biomolecular engineering principles to address key issues in transfusion medicine, tissue engineering and therapeutic macromolecular delivery systems.

In particular, our research program focuses on three primary areas:

  1. Engineering novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) for various applications in transfusion medicine
  2. Engineering HBOCs to improve oxygen transport to mammalian cell cultures
  3. engineering mechanically strengthened vesicles for specialized drug/protein/gene delivery applications.

Positions Available for Undergraduate Researchers

The Palmer Lab DOES NOT have immediate openings for undergraduate researchers in Spring '21. Please check back in April '21 for open positions in Summer and Fall '21.

The Andre Palmer Research Laboratory strives to support mentored research opportunities for undergraduate students to enrich their academic experience. Each semester the Andre Palmer Research Laboratory takes 4-8 students to work in the lab. Background in bioengineering, electrical engineering, computer science, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology is desired.